Office Court Proceedings

Current Office Litigation:

The Office of the Special Counsel is currently in the middle of multiple court cases. These cases mainly rotate around two subject areas, enforcement of subpoenas and open records.


Subpoena Litigation

The Office of the Special Counsel created and served dozens of subpoenas on behalf of the Wisconsin Assembly to force deponents to sit down for deposition. As of May 1st, 2022 there have been no parties that have completed their deposition as they claim the OSC and the Wisconsin Assembly do not have the power to issue subpoenas. The Office of the Special Counsel and the Wisconsin Assembly believe that they do posses this power. Once litigation of these matters is concluded the OSC plans to carry out the depositions that have been requested of Wisconsin Election Officials.


Open Records Litigation

The Office of the Special Counsel is being sued by the Democratic group American Oversight over there claim the the OSC has failed to produce requested documents. This is simply not the case as the OSC has produced all available records to the court and has posted many more documents online to this website under the records drop down menu.