Elder Abuse Investigation

Special Voting Deputy Background

During the November 2020 election the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) gave instructions or "guidance" to the clerks of Wisconsin to suspend Special Voting Deputies (SVDs) in care facilities. According to Wisconsin law, SVDs are used during an election to ensure security and integrity in regards to voting assistance given in care facilities. SVDs are selected in pairs, one from each major political party, and are trained on how to properly assist people to vote in care facilities without bias or coercion and take an oath to do so. When WEC's guidance to not use SVDs was followed by the over 1800 clerks around the state, it created unsecure and illegal conditions that introduced our elders and the mentally handicapped to voting abuse and voter fraud.


Under the Final Report drop down menu you can find a video created by the special counsel. This video contains footage of some of the elders around Wisconsin that were taken advantage of during the 2020 election.


Racine County Investigation

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling conducted an investigation into voter fraud at a care facility in Racine County and has passed along the case to the Racine County District Attorney for review. You can view Sheriff Schmaling's report here.


Further Wisconsin Special Counsel Review

Our office has also been investigating elder abuse cases around the state and have identified double digit cases spanning over five counties where elder abuse had occurred during the 2020 election.

If you have any information on nursing home misconduct or elder abuse please contact us using out contact page on this website or by following this link.