Committee on Campaigns and Elections

Committee on Campaigns and Elections

The Committee on Campaigns and Elections is a governmental assembly created by the Wisconsin Assembly to oversee campaigns and elections activities around the State of Wisconsin. The Office of special counsel has been created to assist the committee with these tasks regarding elections since January 1st, 2020. The committee is made up of both Democrat and Republican representatives from around the state.


The committee has their own State Website where you can find more specific information on the members of the committee as long as contact information for the members office's.


Janel Brandtjen

Janel Brandtjen is the current Chair of the committee and has very a valuable partner is assisting the Office of Special Counsel in this investigation. She has her own website located Here that has a large amount of useful information and resources.


Wisconsin Eye Access

The committee has also been doing a number of interviews with election personnel from around the state. The state of Wisconsin has a website where live sessions of the assembly and committees are live streamed, and recorded videos are stored for later viewing. The website called Wisconsin Eye has some free material, but full access can be obtained for a minimal fee.