Robin Voss Declares the Extension of the Special Counsel

Office of the Special Counsel to Finish Litigation

 Speaker Robin Voss recently had a press conference on Tuesday, April 26th were he declared the Office of the Special Counsel will remain open until it is able to finish its current litigation. This is a very big step for Robin Voss to take because he has recently been giving the Office of the Special Counsel one month contracts and has threatened to end the investigation multiple times.


Former Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman and Assembly Counsel Jim Bopp agreed that if the Office of the Special Counsel was terminated it would moot out all open litigation cases that involve the Special Counsel.

This would be unacceptable because the Special Counsel needs to conclude its litigation in order to carry out the depositions ordered by the Office, and mooting out the cases would be a huge loss of deposition power for the Assembly and a large waste of taxpayer money.