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Second Interim Report

Below you can find the Second Interim Report delivered by The Office of Special Counsel to the Speaker of the Assembly and the Committee on Campaigns and Elections on Tuesday, March 1st 2020. This report outlines the illegalities and irregularities that occurred during the November 2020 election period. At the end of the report The Office of Special Counsel gives recommendations to the Assembly on how to correct the Wisconsin election system for the upcoming 2022 election period.


Second Interim Report


Below is an appendix showing over 1,000 documents received through open records requests that support and document the claims and finding in the Second Interim Report produced by The Office of the Special Counsel. The first two appendix are the document numbers cited in our second interim report, the last five appendix contain many of the same documents but expand on the narrative by providing four hundred more document pages.

 appendix part 1

appendix part 2

Second Interim Report Appendix Part One

Second Interim Report Appendix Part Two


Appendix Part 1

Appendix Part 2

Appendix Part 3

Appendix Part 4

Appendix Part 5