Final Report Nursing Home Video

Nursing Home Video

Below you can find a video presented by The Office of Special Counsel at a March 1, 2022 hearing in front of the Committee on Campaigns and Elections. The video contains heartfelt footage of Wisconsin families and elders that were taken advantage of during the November 2020 election.


How Were These Votes Cast?

The video contains a total of 8 families explaining the elders inability to vote during the election but somehow cast a ballot. The Wisconsin Election Commission is directly responsible for the elder abuse that occurred statewide during the 2020 election and previous elections. Firstly, WEC provided illegal guidance to Wisconsin Clerks to revoke the Special Voting Deputy process during the election. This allowed staff faculty to "assist" residents with completing ballot even if they were mentally unable to. 

Secondly, WEC fails to maintain a database of residents under guardianship. This information could easily be obtained from other State of Wisconsin officials but WEC fails to gather it. This allows ineligible voters to be able to cast ballots in the elections.


Nursing Home Video