Wisconsin Elections Commission

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) is a governmental organization that works closely with Wisconsin Elections, even though they have no legal right to run Wisconsin Elections. The over 1800 municipal and county clerks of Wisconsin are charged with the duty of running our elections. WEC gives guidance to the Wisconsin Clerk's even though this guidance has no legal standing and quite often is contrary to Wisconsin Law. This drives the discussion on "Why does WEC exist in the first place?". 


Below you can find the email data WEC produced along with a response sent from WEC to a public group called the Wisconsin Voters Alliance denying the information they requested. Another private citizen Jay Stone has filed multiple complaints against WEC and different members of the organization, but WEC reviews their own complaints so these complaints are quickly dismissed. WEC has recently notified Jay Stone that if he continues to file complaints against them they will charge him punitive damages.


Wisconsin Elections Commission Response to Data Request

Wisconsin Election Commission Emails

Wisconsin Voters Alliance Response to WEC