The Office of the Special Counsel is no longer performing any investigation. The Office of the Special Counsel will no longer receive incoming communications of any kind, electronic or otherwise.

Welcome to the Office of the Special Counsel

On these pages you will find links to a large amount of useful information related to the Special Counsel's investigation of the 2020 elections. This site contains links to thousands of emails and other electronic documents produced by open records requests. You can also find updates from this office and information on the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections.  If you have had an experience with voter fraud please send those leads to our office also using our contact section.


Office Mission

The mission of this office is to identify the following facts about the 2020 election season: 

What was suppose to happen during the 2020 election season?

What actually occurred during the 2020 election season?

Identify the differences between what was suppose to happen and what actually occurred during the election season. What did these differences change or allow?

Provide recommendations to the Wisconsin State Assembly on how to correct election law and procedures prior to the 2022 election season.


Office Vision

The vision of this office is to provide a clear, inclusive, and truthful report to the Wisconsin Assembly that includes recommendations for how to correct issues that the state of Wisconsin faced during the 2020 spring and fall elections.


Obstructions to our Mission

The main barriers currently facing this office is the ongoing court battles to enforce the subpoenas we have issued. The State of Wisconsin is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal defense for Madison officials and lawyers for the special counsel to litigate these court proceedings. This investigation was originally suppose to conclude in late 2021 but with the ongoing court battles and non compliance with this office, the Special Counsel must continue until parties are forced to cooperate with our office. Officials working in the capacity of their public office should have no choice but to be fully cooperative and honest with our office's investigation.